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Dark Forests FAQ (Updated 11/3 with Crafting Information)

Q: What are the Dark Forests?
Camelot is in turmoil! There are strange happenings all throughout the Kingdom and people continue to disappear, leaving no clue as to where they might have gone. Now, with Guinevere kidnapped, Arthur has called his Knights into action! But is it too late? The world is being ripped open and mysterious and vicious creatures are entering our world from beyond. The manifestation of these vile creatures seems to coincide with newly-formed geographical anomalies- the Dark Forests. These evil, seemingly impenetrable locations house incredible challenges for even the most battle-tested inhabitants of the Kingdom. Defeating the creatures within the Dark Forests may be the last hope for Camelot.

Q: How do I find the Dark Forests?
The Dark Forests appear in Bogs all over Camelot. Search your map for Bogs to find those that have been transformed into Dark Forests. Ridding Camelot of the Dark Forests may be difficult as it is rumored that when one is destroyed, another one opens somewhere else mere hours later.

Q: Are all Dark Forests the same?
No two Dark Forests are the same. Each contains a different assortment of creatures for you to battle.

Q: How do I triumph over a Dark Forest?
To dispel a Dark Forest, you will need to defeat all of the creatures that inhabit it. This is done in the same way that you would attack a rival city. Locate the Dark Forest on your map, click on it and then click “Attack”. Choose the attacking Troops, apply boosts, select a Knight and march your army into battle.

Q: How does combat within the Dark Forests differ from elsewhere in Camelot?
The creatures within the Dark Forests are a new threat to Camelot. Battling them is unpredictable and emerging victorious with little to no losses is extremely unlikely. That being said, certain troop types are better against certain foes and it will take experience to determine these factors.

You’ve probably noticed that your troops have a ‘type’ associated with them in the troop training modal. These types (infantry, ranged, horsed, siege, defense) will be used in the Dark Forests to determine a ‘trumping’ effect. Generally, infantry trump horsed; horsed trump ranged; and ranged trump infantry. All three of them trump siege; siege trumps defense; and defense trumps infantry, ranged, and horsed. Likewise, your foes will have these same types.

Lossless combat is impossible in the Dark Forests; powerful cultists, dangerous monsters, and the encroaching corruption of the Dark Forests themselves make them inherently deadly places to venture into. Never the less, coming to an understanding of the type of foe you are facing will help you determine which troops to send and how many over time.

Q: Will I be rewarded for defeating the monsters within Dark Forests?
Yes, dispelling a Dark Forest will earn you several rewards- a vast amount of Gold, a chance for an item (including premium items such as a Divine Providence or Divine Inspiration, for example), experience for your Knight and Aetherstones. Furthermore, repeated victories may provide valuable intel on how to deal with future Dark Forests.


Q: What are Aetherstones and what are they used for?
Aetherstones are a new resource in Camelot, with a unique use and purpose. They are typically earned by defeating Dark Forests, but you can also loot them from the cities of other players via combat. A large number of Aetherstones, when combined in your Fey Spire, form more valuable and versatile stones that you can combine with other items to craft new, more useful items. There are a limited number of Aetherstones that can exist at one time, so if Dark Forests ‘run dry,’ you may need to resort to attacking other players.

Q: What is a Fey Spire?
The Fey Spire is a new building that you can build and upgrade in your cities. The Fey warlocks that reside inside can help you combine your treasures to make new items in a process known as Crafting. A higher level Fey Spire unlocks new crafting recipes which will allow you to craft stronger items.

Q: What is Crafting?
Crafting is the ability to combine certain resources and lower-value items into higher-value items. By following item recipes in your Fey Spire, you can command the Fey warlocks inside to attempt to create a better item. Simpler items are easier to create, however-- the stronger the item you’re attempting to create, the greater the chance that the crafting attempt will fail. If the attempt at crafting fails, you may lose your items, or in some cases, be awarded a small consolation item. Acquiring Insurance for your crafting attempt will ensure success.

Q: What are recipes, and how do I get more?
Recipes are special combinations of items that, when followed, allow you to attempt to craft new items. Building your first Fey Spire will unlock the first series of recipes, and more powerful ones will be unlocked as you upgrade your Fey Spire to higher levels.

Q: What is Insurance?
Every time you attempt to craft an item, there is a risk the attempt will fail, and you could lose the items. Stronger items have a greater chance to fail. Purchasing insurance on your crafting attempt will guarantee success. Your insurance purchase is only good for one crafting attempt.

Q: What kind of items can I craft?
Horns, combat boosts, defense boosts, and way more are all possible crafting projects. You’ll need to level up your Fey Spire to unlock the more advanced recipes!

Q: How do I craft items?
When you click the Fey Spire in your city, you will see a menu that allows you to select a recipe, and the option to act on that recipe based on whether you own the necessary ingredients or not.

The items necessary to proceed are displayed above each ingredient in the recipe display, along with the quantity of those items you currently own. Notice the “Chance of Failure” section. The chance of a crafting attempt failing is higher when crafting stronger items. Insurance can also be purchased on this screen, which will guarantee success for your crafting attempt. To proceed with your crafting attempt, click the blue “Craft” button.

When your crafting attempt is successful, a timer will appear and run until crafting is complete. If your crafting attempt fails, no timer will appear, and your ingredients are lost.

Q: What is a consolation item, and when do I get one?
The smaller icon in the middle of the crafting menu is that recipe’s consolation item-- not every recipe has one. If your crafting attempt fails, you’ll receive the consolation item. If your attempt is a success, you won’t receive the consolation item.


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